Grading Dates

2017 Grading Dates

Grade 1 to 2 (Saturdays at 9:15am)

  • 29th July 2017
  • 26th August 2017
  • 7th October 2017
  • 11th November 2017
  • 16th December 2017

Grade 2 to 3 (Saturdays at 9:15am)

  • 2nd September 2017
  • 9th December 2017

Grade 3 to 4 (Saturdays at 9:15am)

  • 9th September 2017
  • 2nd December 2017

Grade 4 to Pre-Level 1 (Tuesdays at 8pm)

  • 5th September 2017

Pre-Level 1 to Level 1 (Tuesdays at 8pm)

  • 28th November 2017 (Theory)
  • 5th December 2017 (Practical)

Level 1 to 2 (Wednesdays at 8pm)

  • 4th October 2017 (Theory)
  • 11th October 2017 (Practical)

Level 2 to 3 (Wednesdays at 8pm)

  • 8th November 2017 (Theory)
  • 15th November 2017 (Practical)

Private Gradings

If you are unable to attend a Saturday Grading or would like to flexibility of attending a Grading at another time, you may attend a Private Grading for all Gradings up to and including Grade 3 to 4.

Private Gradings may be booked for 1 to 4 students per group and are conducted at our Sydney HQ. To book your Private Grading, please contact Sydney HQ.

Book My Grading!

To book your Grading online, please visit our Desktop Site at on a tablet or computer and click on the ‘Current Students’ link at the top right of the page.

Alternatively, you may request an Application for Grading Form over the desk at our Sydney HQ.

Please note that eligibility requirements, cut-off dates and capacity limits apply to all Gradings.