Kids’ Kung Fu Classes

Kids' Kung Fu Classes

Powerful Self Defence, Invaluable Life Skills

Courage. Perseverance. Confidence.

Our classes will equip your son or daughter with a powerful self defence system and invaluable life skills that will help them thrive into adulthood.

Our unique approach is the culmination of over 30 years’ of experience teaching children in schools and at our locations around Australia.

By enrolling your child with us, you can be confident that you’re getting the best martial arts and self defence education for them.

Self Defence That Works for Your Child

Many martial arts rely on physical strength to work, which puts children at a severe disadvantage when attacked by larger bullies or adults.

Our specialised Little Dragons programme is highly suited to children because it’s based on Grandmaster Jim Fung’s Wing Chun Kung Fu®, which is well-known for teaching students how to defend themselves without relying on size or strength.

A Disciplined, Non-Violent Approach

Children face a unique set of dangers, which is why we’ve developed a programme that covers practical topics such as stranger danger, bully busting and street safety.

Our Little Dragons programme will teach your child how to escape from threatening situations without resorting to violence, while also giving them the ability to defend themselves when escape is not an option.

Through training with us, your child will develop confidence, respect and a positive attitude that will not only deter bullies and predators, but also help them in the pursuit of their life goals.

A Healthy and Rewarding Hobby

Our Little Dragons classes are the perfect way to get your child away from their phone, tablet or TV and involved in a healthy and rewarding activity. The games and routines that we’ve designed are physically and mentally challenging and will make physical exercise and self defence training fun and engaging for your child.

We’ll reward your child for their dedication and commitment with a coloured sash and certificate for every stage of their programme that they complete, which will help them to develop a motivated, goal-oriented mindset.

The Chance to Become a Future Leader

Many graduates of our Little Dragons programme have continued training throughout teenagehood and adulthood, and some have gone on to attend our popular Trainee Instructor Course.

This course is a great opportunity for your child to learn professional coaching and leadership skills and become a role model for their peers at the Academy.

Get up to Two $50 Active Kids Vouchers!

The International Wing Chun Academy is registered as an Active Kids Provider with the NSW Government.

As the parent, carer or guardian of a child, you can claim up to two $50 Active Kids vouchers through Service NSW which you can use towards their training at the Academy.

Once you’ve received your voucher from Service NSW, bring the voucher with you to Sydney HQ or email it to us and we will apply the full value of the voucher as credit towards your child’s Little Dragons Training Plan (prepaid Training Cards excluded).

Valid for new and existing students. Refer to Service NSW for eligibility criteria.

Enrol Your Child Today!

Our Little Dragons classes are offered at the following Wing Chun schools in Sydney and NSW:

  • Sydney HQ
    • Thursdays: 4:30pm to 5:30pm
    • Saturdays: 12:15pm to 1:15pm
    • Sundays: 12:15pm to 1:15pm
  • Liverpool
    • Tuesdays: 5:45pm to 6:45pm

These classes are open to children from the age of around 5 years old and over. Beginners can start at any time.

Start Training Now!

Interested in learning more? Bring your child along for a class at one of our Wing Chun schools and we’ll give them an unforgettable introduction to our amazing self defence system.

Tap one of the buttons above to instantly book your child’s First Lesson or find a Wing Chun school near you.